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Sportico: Boehly, Execs Share Insights on Growth at ‘Invest in Sports’ Event

October 28, 2021

Todd Boehly, minority owner of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dodgers and chairman of Eldridge Holdings, sat down with O’Melveny’s Sports Industry Group co-chair, Chuck Baker, at the SporticoLive “Invest in Sports” summit in a panel discussion called, “Nurturing Global Sports Brands.” The two examined the explosion of capital among sports franchises, leagues, and teams, noting that there has been a unmatched number of deals that include big-name athletes, celebrities, and media moguls despite the financial troubles of the pandemic. Boehly said that the pro-sports business is unlike any other in the sense that everything can be put in place to succeed and yet still go wrong, but also that the absence of guarantees is what makes it exciting.

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