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The Hollywood Reporter: “Everything I Do Is Always a Risk”: Inside Logan Paul’s Investment Endeavors (Including a US$1M Pokemon Card)

November 12, 2021

American YouTube star and social media personality Logan Paul has long been in the public consciousness, but recently he has been focused on an unexpected part of his brand: digital currency entrepreneur. Paul has more than US$4 million invested in 100 NFTs (nonfungible tokens), multiple cryptocurrency projects, and is a prominent Pokemon collector world and owns a Charizard card he says is worth US$1 million (after buying it for US$150,000). O’Melveny legal and business adviser Hale Boggs says digital currency soared during the pandemic as life went virtual, and hasn’t seen a drop as in-person activities have returned. “A lot of people who liked to support their favorite celebrities or artists through events and experiences found that the only way they could do that was through virtual events and experiences,” says Boggs. “That allowed for a transition [to] virtual products and goods and tokens.”

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