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The Texas Lawbook: Texas M&A in 2022: ‘Halting, Cautious…and Busy’

January 20, 2023

Texas lawyers advised on 1,082 M&A transactions totaling US$367 billion in 2022. While the state’s total value on deals was down 38% from 2021’s US$594 billion, the number of deals in 2022 was up 17% from the 929 deals in the year before. O’Melveny partner Whit Roberts noted that his firm logged fewer deals last year, but the value of those deals increased. “Globally, our 2022 deal count was slightly down, but the aggregate value of deals we worked on was up 30 percent,” Roberts said. “We attribute this to the diversity of our M&A platform. Our client base is well-distributed across strategic buyers and sellers, mid-market and up-market private equity sponsors, and domestic and international dealmakers across a wide swath of sectors. As a result, in a year when certain segments of the market were slow, many of our clients — particularly in the technology, energy transition, mid-market private equity, and cross-border segments — kept us busy.”

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