Bloomberg Law: They’ve Got Next—Appellate Fresh Face Brad Garcia

March 24, 2021

O’Melveny Supreme Court & Appellate Litigation partner Brad Garcia was recognized in Bloomberg Law’s “They’ve Got Next” series highlighting five rising stars of the appellate bar.

"The former clerk for Justice Elena Kagan has been busy racking up wins in a wide array of cases in appeals courts across the country—including the U.S. Supreme Court," the publication wrote. "He was on O’Melveny teams representing parties before the justices in recent high-profile disputes involving guns, abortion, and the First Amendment."

Garcia embraces the breadth of issues. “One of the things I enjoy about appellate practice is that you can dive into almost any area and become fluent in it and then present the case forcefully for a client, so that diversity in experience is something that keeps it exciting and challenging,” he told the publication.

Next month, Garcia will make his debut argument before the High Court in an immigration matter, an opportunity Supreme Court and Appellate Litigation practice chair Jonathan Hacker said is "reflective of the skill that he’s already demonstrated as an advocate in an extraordinary number of successful appeals." Garcia is 11-1 in the 12 appellate cases where he has delivered oral arguments, and 28-1 in paid appellate cases in which he served as a lead brief writer.

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