Law360: Boy Scouts Propose $300M Sex Abuse Settlement Fund

March 02, 2021

The Boy Scouts of America unveiled its plan for exiting bankruptcy, this article reported, one year after its initial filing following a deluge of sexual abuse allegations against the national organization and its local chapters. 

Tancred Schiavoni, an O’Melveny partner representing Century Indemnity Co., one of Boy Scouts of America’s insurers, argued that “invalid and fraudulent claims” are buried amongst the thousands of legitimate accusations levied against the organization. Century and other insurers are asking the court to allow them to root out such instances, Law360 noted. “Century supports a fair resolution for survivors of sexual abuse, but this plan doesn't get us there,” said Schiavoni.

O’Melveny partner Gary Svirsky and associate Andrew Kirschenbaum represent Century alongside Schiavoni. 

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