Law360: In Their Words: The Moment These Attys Fell In Love With Law

February 14, 2022

Law360 highlighted the stories of how various attorneys, including O’Melveny counsel Kendall Turner, fell in love with law. “When I was a law student, I had an opportunity to participate in a clinic and work on a case before the US Supreme Court. The case concerned the retroactivity of one of the court's decisions about ineffective assistance of counsel,” Turner said. “It was my first experience representing an individual client. Although we did not win, seeing my professor stand up for our client and argue on her behalf showed me the value of representation, in the fullest sense of the word.” Turner cited that experience as being the point at which she fell in love with law. “I was able to argue before the Supreme Court on behalf of a criminal defendant in 2019 ... We went to Texas to meet our client, who was detained in a for-profit prison, and watched sentencing proceedings before the judge who sentenced our client. We also won our case before the high court unanimously,” Turner added.

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