Law360: The State Of Intradistrict Venue Transfer In West Texas

May 18, 2022

O’Melveny counsel Clarence Rowland authored this article discussing the law and practices surrounding intradistrict transfer motions in the state of Texas. “Intradistrict transfer motions can be meritorious where relevant witnesses or evidence are located in the Western District of Texas, but not in the Waco Division. In such cases, parties may seek transfer to other divisions, such as the Austin or San Antonio Divisions. The Austin Division has become a frequent transfer destination due to its rise as a hub for technology companies,” Rowland wrote. “In sum, with the abatement of the COVID-19 pandemic, parties litigating in the Waco Division again have the option of requesting transfer for convenience to other divisions in the Western District of Texas. If transfer is granted, the case will likely be reassigned, provided it has not advanced to a late stage.”

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