Law360: Transportation Group of the Year: O’Melveny

February 20, 2019

Law360 has named O’Melveny’s transportation team a 2018 “Practice Group of the Year” for its work on airport improvement projects, recent litigation successes, and other matters.

In 2018, O’Melveny counseled clients Vantage Airport Group and Terminal One Group Association on two massive airport improvement projects at John F. Kennedy International. Additionally, O’Melveny advised Regional Airports Improvement Corp. in a financing transaction at Los Angeles International Airport.

“There’s a lot of needed investment in airport infrastructure,” said partner Eric Richards. “Airports have long been examples of public/private partnerships in the United States. They are owned and operated typically by governmental entities, but it’s the private companies like airlines who use them that are responsible for making the investment in them.”

O’Melveny also secured an appellate win for American Airlines in the Third Circuit on pilot integration following merging carriers. “It sounds like a really small, nuanced point but it was so unsettled. There were a lot of cases in the federal system on this question, and this was the first Court of Appeals decision that gave a definitive interpretation,” said partner Robert Siegel. “It was a good decision for the airline industry and helpful for any future actions we might see.”

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