Law.com: Legal Tech’s Predictions for Tech Regulation in 2021

January 05, 2021

O’Melveny partner Heather Meeker shared her predictions on technology regulation in the new year in this Legaltech News article. The publication indicated that the speed of technology development has only continued to accelerate, and so too will the regulations.

“AI bias claims will lead to lawsuits, legislation and PR emergencies in 2021 and beyond,” Meeker said. “Machine learning controls more and more of our interactions with both software and people. It has the potential to solve, or perpetuate, the biases in our society. It will do both. When it fails, there will be outcry in finance, health care, government, and media.”

Meeker also predicts that the government will scramble to regulate an area that few people understand and that society will continue to grapple with what role machine learning should play in our world.

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