ABA’s “Our Curious Amalgam” Podcast: The Role of Dynamic Efficiency in Competition Policy

July 11, 2022

In the latest episode of the American Bar Association Section of Antitrust Law’s podcast, Our Curious Amalgam, O’Melveny’s Sergei Zaslavsky and co-host Sarah Zhang welcomed Aurelien Portuese, Director of the Schumpeter Project on Competition Policy at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, to discuss the concept of dynamic efficiency and how antitrust should feature innovation as a central concern. The episode is ideal for those who want to learn more about the importance of innovation to competition policy, the relationship between innovation and market power, and whether contemplated antitrust reforms sufficiently take innovation into account, the ABA noted.

Listen to the full episode here.

Zaslavsky is a partner in the Antitrust & Competition Practice Group at O’Melveny. Based in Washington, DC, he focuses on antitrust trials, litigation, regulatory investigations, and counseling.