POLITICO: Opinion | The Supreme Court Reform that Could Actually Win Bipartisan Support

July 21, 2022

O’Melveny special counsel Jeff Fisher authored this article outlining his opinion on imposing term limits on US Supreme Court Justices. “There is one idea, though, that has longstanding bipartisan support, a proven record of success, and practical wisdom behind it: term limits ... It would help ease the bitterness of the confirmation process and make the court more representative of the public’s views,” Fisher wrote. “The whole point of term limits would be to regularize the appointment and confirmation process; to make the nominations of new justices more unremarkable; and generally to lower the temperature regarding the court and its personnel. The reform would not be a panacea. But it would curb our worst instincts and tendencies that have developed in this realm. And that can only benefit the American people and the rule of law.”

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