Reuters: Lawyer’s Driver License Suit Takes Backseat as N.Y. Debuts New Gender Act June 24, 2021

6月 24, 2021

Reuters reported on Sander Saba’s agreement to pause their lawsuit against the state of New York for failure to acknowledge transgender and nonbinary people on driving license application forms pending the approval of the Gender Recognition Act.

Saba filed suit after they were prevented from accurately selecting a gender marker when attempting to obtain a New York driver’s license upon relocating to the state, as required by law.

On June 24, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Gender Recognition Act, which “allows New Yorkers to use ‘X’ as a non-binary sex designation on New York State driver’s licenses, ensures that they will have their gender identity on official documents and allows name and sex designation changes to be sealed more easily.”

O’Melveny partner Hannah Chanoine represents Sander Saba in this matter, alongside Carl Charles and Omar Gonzalez-Pagan of Lambda Legal.

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