Reuters Legal: Boy Scouts offer settlement to resolve sex abuse claims in bankruptcy court

3月 02, 2021

The Boy Scouts of America released its plan to settle thousands of sexual abuse claims via an assortment of liquid and illiquid assets, Reuters Legal reported. The plan, released one year after the organization originally filed for bankruptcy, has its detractors, including Boy Scouts insurers wary that opportunistic fraudsters are among the 95,000 claimants that have come forward in the past year. 

“Century supports a fair resolution for survivors of sexual abuse, but this plan doesn't get us there. Allowing invalid and fraudulent claims will hurt valid survivors of sexual abuse by delaying and diluting any compensation they may receive,” said O’Melveny partner Tancred Schiavoni, legal advisor to the insurer.

Schiavoni is joined by O’Melveny partner Gary Svirsky and associate Andrew Kirschenbaum in the firm’s representation of Century.

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