Reuters Legal: Q&A: How SCOTUS pro Jeffrey Fisher of Stanford and O’Melveny carved his own path

June 16, 2021

Reuters Legal held a Q&A with O’Melveny special counsel Jeffrey Fisher, who is also the co-director of the Supreme Court Litigation Clinic at Stanford Law, about the “permeable barrier” between his careers in academia and Big Law. The latter has comprised over 40 Supreme Court arguments, the most recent being Van Buren v. United States, in which he successfully argued to limit the scope of a federal computer fraud law and have his client’s conviction overturned.

“The two things that (O’Melveny) really provides me, above and beyond just extra resources for the pro bono work I do, is a platform to handle some cases that are just impossible to handle in my clinical capacity,” and “a really wonderful opportunity, as I'm getting a little further on in my career, to mentor younger lawyers and work with other lawyers at different stages of their careers,” Fisher said.

Recalling a unanimous verdict in a cell phone search case, Fisher told Reuters Legal, “you can only imagine how fun those kinds of cases are to work with the students, who have their own perspective on technology and privacy in their lives, and updating the law for their generation, in a sense, it's just been so interesting.”

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