Supply Chain Brain: EVs Are on the Way, But Can AVs Keep Up?

April 04, 2022

Electric vehicle (EVs) popularity in the US auto market is increasing as EVs seek to take over the internal combustion engine. According to Melody Drummond Hansen, a member of the Automated & Connected Vehicle Group of O’Melveny & Myers LLP, US transportation policy views EVs as benefitting both the environment and social equity. “You’ll see a gold rush in the US in the next several years as people take advantage of investments available at the federal and state level for infrastructure for EVs,” Hansen said. She also noted that other parts of the world, including China and European countries, are making similar, if not greater progress in the EV market. “We can’t afford to lose the race to them on these technologies,” Hansen said. Autonomous systems in today’s automobiles are also more advanced and Hansen believes that automakers will take “incremental steps” toward fully self-driving vehicles.

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