TechNews World: Is 2021 the Year Cyberattacks Force Privacy Laws to Grow Some Teeth?

February 04, 2021

O’Melveny special counsel Scott Pink spoke with TechNews World about the increasing frequency of cyberattacks and the data privacy threats they pose to government agencies and businesses and why both domestic and foreign governments need to pass legislation that reinforces technological defenses in 2021.

“Stiffer privacy laws are gradually being reviewed and signed into the US market. But that process is mostly taking place at the state level,” the publication wrote. “Meanwhile, cyberattacks present IT experts and legislators with a war on two fronts. The software industry struggles with security issues that make cyberattacks viable.”

“I expect increasing regulation, especially when it comes to state laws that focus on sensitive personal data,” Pink said. He believes that 2021 could mark a new era in privacy laws aimed to safeguard a wide array of valuable digital information.

“COVID-19 health data is of immediate concern as we move into the pandemic’s next phase,” Pink told TechNews World. “Governments and health care systems are collecting vast amounts of contact tracing and vaccine-related information. Implementing laws, policies, and procedures to ensure the integrity of that data will be key.”

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