The American Lawyer: O’Melveny’s Return to Office Plans Prioritize Flexibility

May 11, 2023

O’Melveny launched a months-long evaluation process involving multiple town hall meetings in every office and experiments with in-office schedules across the firm to decide on a post-pandemic work schedule. As a result of the “Future of Work” initiative, the firm did not mandate a specific number of days for in-office work, but expects lawyers and most staff to be in the office more than half of the time over the course of a year. “We wanted to be really, really intentional about how we are going to approach the future of work at O’Melveny,” O’Melveny Chief Operating Officer George Demos said. “The biggest pearl coming out of this process was what we learned by talking to people.” Allison Friend, O’Melveny’s Managing Director for Talent Development, noted that the “purpose was to get enough people in at one time to understand what the office should feel like, and what should happen here.”

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