The Hollywood Reporter: Breaking Down the Legal Do's and Don'ts of Hollywood's “Cancel Culture”

April 02, 2021

Apalla Chopra, the co-chair of O’Melveny’s Litigation Department and a partner in the firm’s Labor and Employment practice, was quoted by The Hollywood Reporter in this article outlining the legal quandaries companies in the media and entertainment industry face when responding to public outcry against perceived ‘cancel-worthy’ offenses.

“Employers should not troll their employees’ social media to look for issues,” said Chopra. “That is not productive, and it could also overreach into employees’ zone of privacy.” That said, “[e]mployers cannot play ostrich,” she cautioned. “If a complaint is brought to them, they cannot ignore it. They need to address it. The touchstone is determining how the off-duty conduct impacts the workplace and whether or not it is legally protected.”

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