The National Law Journal: The Marble Palace Blog: Kagan, Biden, Clinton and Other Friends of Walter Dellinger Pay Tribute

March 23, 2022

A virtual memorial service held on Saturday paid tribute to the life of former acting solicitor general and O’Melveny partner Walter Dellinger. More than 500 friends, colleagues, and admirers of Dellinger attended the service, which included remarks from President Biden, former President Bill Clinton, former Vice President Al Gore, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, O’Melveny chair Brad Butwin, and Fourth Circuit Judge Pamela Harris, a former O’Melveny partner, among others. “It is not hyperbole to say that Walter was the protector of American democracy. … He was the kind of American our founders imagined we would have leading us toward a more perfect union,” President Biden said. Butwin recalled the last time he spoke with Dellinger a few days before he died. “He was in great spirits and looking forward to attending the O’Melveny Partner Offsite in May, an event he never missed,” Butwin said. “At our last in-person Offsite, Walter led the finale of our annual musical show with a hip-hop number from the play Hamilton, wig and all. Playing Alexander Hamilton, Walter concluded the song by declaring, ‘I will not be forgotten.’ Walter, my friend, you certainly won’t be. We love you, miss you, thank you, and are so grateful for you.” 

A video of the memorial service can be found here.

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