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Vincent Wang is a counsel in O’Melveny’s Hong Kong office. Focusing his practice on capital markets transactions, he has amassed strong experience in advising Chinese companies (across various industries) and financial institutions on Hong Kong listings and bond offerings. Vincent is also experienced with M&A, FDI and other general corporate matters.

Consumer and TMT Sectors:

  • Folangsi Co., Ltd.
  • Weilong Delicious Global Holdings Ltd.
  • Super Hi International Holding Ltd.
  • Chongqing Hongjiu Fruit Co., Limited
  • Shenzhen Pagoda Industrial (Group) Corporation Limited
  • Dingdang Health Technology Group Ltd.
  • JS Global Lifestyle Company Limited
  • Cheerwin Group Limited
  • LX Technology Group Limited
  • TI Cloud Inc.
  • GOGOX Holdings Limited
  • KK Technology Company Holdings Limited (ongoing)
  • Shanghai Yang Guofu Enterprise Management (Group) Co., Ltd. (ongoing)
  • Beisen Holding Ltd.
  • Beneunder Limited (ongoing)
  • Zhou Hei Ya International Holdings Company Limited
  • Yihai International Holding Ltd.
  • Hujiang Education
  • Poly Cultural Group Corporation Limited
  • Haichang Holdings Ltd.
  • Honma Golf Limited
  • BaWang International (Group) Holding Limited
  • Springland International Holdings Ltd.

Life Sciences and Healthcare Sectors:

  • Harmonicare Medical Holdings Limited
  • SciClone Pharmaceuticals (Holdings) Limited
  • Dingdang Health Technology Group Ltd.
  • Shanghai NewMed Medical Co., Ltd. (ongoing)
  • EDDA Healthcare and Technology Holding Limited
  • Jinxin Fertility Group Limited
  • Sinopharm Group Co., Ltd.
  • PW Medtech Group Limited

Industrial and Mining, Energy and Manufacturing Sectors:

  • China Railway Signal & Communication Corporation Limited
  • Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy Co., Ltd.
  • China CNR Corporation Limited
  • CITIC Dameng Holdings Limited
  • CRCC High-Tech Equipment Corporation Limited
  • China South Locomotive & Rolling Stock Corporation Limited
  • China Railway Construction Corporation Limited
  • Inner Mongolia Yitai Coal Company Limited
  • Hengshi Mining Investments Limited

Banking, Financing, and Fintech Sectors

  • China Bohai Bank Co., Ltd.
  • Weihai City Commercial Bank Co. Ltd.
  • Zhongyuan Bank Co., Ltd.
  • Jinshang Bank Co., Ltd.
  • Luzhou City Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.
  • Jiangxi Bank Co., Ltd.
  • Bank of Gansu Co., Ltd.
  • Bank of Tianjin Co., Ltd.
  • Huishang Bank Corporation Limited
  • China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd.
  • Holly Futures Co., Ltd.
  • China Pacific Insurance(Group)Co., Ltd.

Real Estate, Property Management and Other Industries:

  • Onewo Space-Tech Service Co., Ltd.
  • China Conch Environmental Protection Holdings Limited
  • Kangqiao Service Group Limited
  • Dexin Services Group Limited
  • Ling Yue Services Group Limited
  • Leading Holdings Group Limited
  • Radiance Holdings (Group) Company Limited
  • Redsun Services Goup limited
  • Zhong Ao Home Group Limited

Bond Offerings:

  • China Cinda Asset Management Co. Ltd.
  • China Minemetals Corporation
  • China Oilfield Services Limited
  • China National Petroleum Corporation

NYSE Listing Compliance:

  • Aluminum Corporation of China Limited
  • Yanzhou Coal Mining Company Limited


  • Mandarin Chinese
  • English


  • New York
  • Hong Kong


  • Washington University in St. Louis, J.D.; I.P. LL.M.
  • Renmin University of China, LL.M.
  • Beijing Foreign Studies University, B.A.

Professional Activities

Bar Exam

  • Passed Chinese Bar Exam