CFO.com: Companies Face Demand for Third-Party CSR Certifications

November 26, 2019

Eric Rothenberg, Hannah Chanoine, Rochelle Karr, and Cailey Martin co-authored an article for CFO.com discussing the increased demand on companies to maintain robust corporate social responsibility and sustainability programs.

“As companies are increasingly called upon to not only invest in but also report on the depth of their CSR programs, including detailed CSR reports and often public ESG disclosures, they now face requests for third-party verification of their programs’ achievements,” the authors write. “Obtaining verification can be expensive and time consuming, but when managed strategically it may offer significant benefits to corporate culture and profitability.”

Rothenberg is an O’Melveny partner and leader of the firm’s environmental practice. Also an O’Melveny partner, Chanoine defends and advises companies in class-action matters. Karr is the firm’s director of corporate social responsibility. Martin is a student at Harvard University and was an intern at the firm during the summer of 2019.

Read the full article here.