As part of its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and advancing specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), O’Melveny has put together a CSR Advisory Group to help clients achieve their most challenging Environmental, Social and Governance goals.

This team of CSR and ESG advisors have expertise in the following practice areas:


ESG Task Force Chair

Eric Rothenberg


ESG Product Innovation & Energy Conservation Technology

Paul Sieben

Tony Wang


Food and Product Safety & Sustainability‑Related Litigation

Hannah Chanoine

Dawn Sestito


Infrastructure & Ports

M. Elizabeth Dubeck

Kelly McTigue

Denise Raytis

Eric A. S. Richards

John Rousakis


National Security

John Dermody

Greta Lichtenbaum


Real Estate & Redevelopment

Michael Hamilton


Water Stewardship

Matt Kline

Buzz Thompson

John Laco

Heather Welles

Russ McGlothlin

Carbon Capture

John D. Renneisen

Dawn Sestito


Ethical Commitments, Privacy, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

John Dermody

Scott Pink


Impact Funds, SEC & DOL Compliance

Alicja Biskupska-Haas

Brian Boyle


Labor Stewardship

Aparna Joshi

Adam Karr


Public Company ESG & SEC Disclosure Requirements

Shelly Heyduk


Renewable Energy Stewardship

Junaid Chida

Phillip Oldham

Jeff Hoffner

Greg Thorpe


White Collar, Board Governance & Anti‑Corruption

David Kirman

Greta Lichtenbaum



In addition to its CSR Advisory Group client services, O’Melveny frequently collaborates with its clients on pro bono clinics, volunteer projects, disaster relief giving, and nonprofit board services.