• 最判平成23.3.22 (判時2118号34頁) 【事業譲渡の場合に契約上の地位も移転する条件】
  • 最判平成23.7.8 (判時2173号43頁) 【事業譲渡の場合に契約上の地位も移転する条件】
  • 最判平成29.7.24 (判時2351号3頁) 【弁護士法に違反する行為の私法上の効力】
  • 最判平成29.12.19 (判時2370号28頁) 【第三債務者が差押債務者に対する弁済後に差押債権者に対してした更なる弁済は差押債務者の破産手続において否認権行使の対象となるか】
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  • Acted for an American manufacturer in a major ICC arbitration against a Japanese company arising out of a licensing agreement relating to trade secrets
  • Defended two Asian companies in JCAA arbitration from claims of approximately JPY10 billion brought by a Japanese multinational company
  • Won damages award for a large US multinational in JCAA arbitration against a Japanese company arising out of breaches of a distribution and licensing agreement
  • Successfully represented global manufacturing companies in parallel court proceedings in a Japanese court in relation to a dispute arising from a licensing agreement subject to arbitration
  • Represented several major consumer finance companies in nationwide mass consumer litigation in Japan. Won two Japanese Supreme Court decisions in 2011 and two Japanese Supreme Court decisions in 2017
    • Supreme Court Judgment of March 22, 2011, 236 shumin 225
    • Supreme Court Judgment of July 8, 2011, 237 shumin 159
    • Supreme Court Judgment of July 24, 2017, 71 minshu 6-969
    • Supreme Court Judgment of December 19, 2017, H28 ju 1797
  • Defended a global network service provider in a Japanese litigation from Internet-related copyright infringement claims brought by major Japanese content providers
  • Acted for a multinational Internet security company in several Internet-related copyright infringement and defamation lawsuits in Japan brought by Japanese individual right holders
  • Successfully settled a labor tribunal case before the Tokyo District Court between a leading financial institution and its former employee
  • Represented a global pharmaceutical company in labor disputes before the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Labour Relations Commission and the Tokyo District Court concerning dismissal of employees
  • Acted for a global consulting firm in a business dispute with a Japanese company arising from an outsourcing agreement
  • Successfully settled a dispute arising out of a mega solar project in Japan in favor of an American solar mounting system manufacturer through a construction mediation before a Japanese court
  • Advised a Japanese group company of a multinational financial institution on its application for reexamination before the National Tax Tribunal in Japan concerning its secondary tax liability
  • Achieved a complete victory for a global real-estate investment management and advisory firm in two Japanese litigations concerning its collection of the asset management fees of more than JPY 500 million arising out of a real-estate investment deal involving a complex taxation scheme
  • Served as Japanese law assistant for the sole arbitrator in an ICC arbitration seated in Tokyo in relation to an international trade dispute between a Japanese and Korean company governed by Japanese law
  • Represented two Asian companies in a motion to set aside a JCAA arbitral award before a Japanese court
  • Acted for a Japanese auto components supplier in a US litigation brought by a US government agency alleging claims of US$175 million
  • Represented a Korean electronic equipment manufacturer in a US patent infringement litigation brought by a Japanese patent troll
  • Counsel for an executive of a leading Japanese manufacturing company in connection with US Department of Justice antitrust investigations

Prior to joining O’Melveny, Hiroko worked for Mizuho Bank, Ltd. In addition to her current practice, Hiroko is actively involved in O’Melveny’s pro bono program. She has represented a variety of matters including the following:

  • Advised a Hiroshima-based not-for-profit organization on copyright law issues involved in a multilingual bibliographic database concerning atomic bomb literature
  • Assisted Iraqi and Columbian asylum applicants with refugee applications in Japan in cooperation with the Japan Association for Refugees
  • Represented a not-for-profit organization in the establishment and organization of microfinance funds targeting development projects in Cambodia and Vietnam


  • German
  • Japanese


  • 日本(第一東京弁護士会)


  • 1999年早稲田大学第一文学部卒業
  • 2009年司法修習修了(旧62期) 弁護士登録(第一東京弁護士会)
  • 2014年University of Oxford修了(MJur、法学修士)
  • 2019年早稲田大学大学院法学研究科 知的財産法LL.M.修了(先端法学修士)


  • The Legal 500 Asia-Pacific (2021-2024)、Rising Star: Bengoshi、Dispute Resolution部門
  • Chambers Asia-Pacific (2023-2024)、Dispute Resolution: Domestic部門
  • Chambers Global (2023-2024)、Dispute Resolution: Domestic部門



  • 英国仲裁人協会(MCIArb、CIArb認定調停人)
  • 日本仲裁人協会(JAA)
  • 国際知的財産保護協会(AIPPI)
  • 日本工業所有権法学会
  • 著作権法学会
  • 法とコンピュータ学会


  • 日本商事仲裁協会(JCAA)
  • 日本知的財産仲裁センター(JIPAC)JPドメイン名紛争処理
  • 世界知的所有権機関(WIPO)仲裁調停センター


  • Japan 章(Independent Film & Television Alliance 2021 Arbitration Award Enforcement Guide、2021年10月)
  • 国際知財調停の事例研究 - 実際の事件から読み取れる有用性 - (JCAジャーナル、2020年5月)
  • Arbitrability of Patent Validity Disputes in Japan-Japan as an International IP Arbitration Hub-(A.I.P.P.I.、2020年1月)
  • 特許の有効性をめぐる紛争の仲裁適格(上)(下)-日本における国際仲裁のさらなる活用に向けて-(JCAジャーナル、2019年5月、6月)
  • 【実務解説】 国際商事仲裁における仲裁人の選び方 - 選任する際の着眼点とデューデリジェンスの手順 - (ビジネスロー・ジャーナル、2016年1月)
  • New Japanese Arbitration Case Law: The Osaka District Court's Pro-Arbitration Ruling(共著、HK45/HKIAC Newsletter、2015年10月)
  • 【実務解説】 徹底比較!シンガポール国際商事裁判所はシンガポール仲裁のライバルか? (共著、ビジネスロー・ジャーナル、2015年6月)
  • 【実務解説】 悪夢?もし仲裁と訴訟が重複したら -英米法国の訴訟差止命令と仲裁差止命令の活用- (共著、ビジネスロー・ジャーナル、2015年3月)
  • 【実務解説】 仲裁機関の選び方(上)(下)-主要な仲裁機関の徹底比較と日本企業が選択する際の視点- (共著、ビジネスロー・ジャーナル、2012年11月、12月)


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  • 「国際仲裁研修(中級編):仲裁機関から見た実務と留意点」(日本国際紛争解決センターE-Learning教材、2021年4月)
  • 「Withコロナ・Afterコロナの国際知的財産紛争の解決戦略」(日本商事仲裁協会 / WIPO 仲裁調停センター共催、2021年2月)
  • 「日本・アジア・アップデート: 国際仲裁・紛争解決の最新動向」(ICDR Young & International主催、2021年1月)
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  • 「いまさら聞けない国際仲裁・国際調停の基礎~ With / After コロナ時代の柔軟な紛争解決 ~」(エンジニアリング協会主催、2020年10月)
  • 国際調停オンライン・セミナー「アフターコロナ時代における国際紛争解決のニューノーマル」(日本商事仲裁協会/京都国際調停センター共催、2020年10月)
  • 「国際的な知的財産・テクノロジー紛争の裁判外での解決: WIPOの調停と仲裁」 (WIPO仲裁調停センター主催、2020年7月)
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