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March 29, 2023


O’Melveny partner Ian Simmons, co-chair of the firm’s Antitrust & Competition Practice, and counsel Brian Quinn were honored at the 2023 Concurrences Antitrust Writings Awards for their article “Thou Art Weighed In The Balance –And Found Wanting? Evidence in Government Merger and Monopolization Litigation,” which was named “Readers’ Choice” in the category of “Best Business Articles – Procedure.” The Antitrust Writing Awards “promote competition scholarship and contribute to competition advocacy” by selecting the “best antitrust writings published in the past year.” The winning pieces are chosen from a pool of more than 1,200 articles by 60 international antitrust experts. The O’Melveny team’s article, co-authored with James A. Keyte of The Brattle Group, focuses on the “policy goals and renewed appetite for litigation” of US policymakers and competition enforcers.

Read the full article here.