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Law360: BREAKING: Google Didn’t Infringe Digital Photo Frame Patent, Jury Says

October 6, 2021

A Texas Federal jury reached a verdict clearing Google against allegations that its nest smart-home products infringed upon a digital picture frame patent owned by Profectus Technology LLC. O’Melveny’s Darin Snyder argued that Profectus did not meet the burden of showing Google infringed upon their patent, pointing out that Google's products require internet connection in order to function whereas the Profectus product does not. Snyder added that Sony was selling just such a device in 1999 and that the Profectus owners, the Bitettos had seen it and knew it did everything described in their provisional patent application. O’Melveny’s Marc J. Pensabene, Darin W. Snyder, Luann L. Simmons, Mark Liang, Daniel Silverman, Stacy P. Yae, and Brad N. Garcia represent Google.

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