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Law360: Kesha Wins Key Ruling In Dr. Luke Libel Case

June 30, 2021

Law360 reported on an O’Melveny’s team successful argument on behalf of Kesha in the Dr. Luke libel case that the onus was on the prosecution to prove Kesha was acting with malicious intent when she publicly accused Dr. Luke of drug abuse and rape.

The article details how New York’s new anti-SLAPP law expands judges’ power to throw out cases that limit an individual’s right to free speech. In this case, Judge Schecter ruled that the law makers intended for the new law to be applied retroactively. Consequently, Dr. Luke will now need to submit a higher level of evidence to the court, and should he be unsuccessful, will be liable for a fee award.

O’Melveny partners Leah Godesky, Anton Metlitsky, and Daniel M. Petrocelli, and counsel Yaira Dubin represent Kesha in this matter.

Law360 subscribers can read the full article here.

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