El Nuevo Dia: Swain asked the Government and the Board to Agree on Amendments to POA

December 16, 2021

The Fiscal Oversight Board assured Judge Laura Taylor Swain yesterday that it will seek to amend the Plan of Adjustment (PDOA) and will include the full payment of eminent domain claims against the government. But even though, on Tuesday night, Swain ordered the Board to meet with administration officials, the fiscal entity reiterated that to make the POA viable, it will be necessary to repeal dozens of state laws. And to achieve the definitive annulment of the laws at issue, the Board will file a lawsuit against the government in the next few days, the lawyer said. Given the position adopted by the Board, the government’s attorney, Peter Friedman, suggested to the judge that the POA confirmation process could be delayed since the government would need more time to present its arguments to the court.

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