Law360: MVP: O’Melveny’s Mark W. Robertson

October 04, 2021

Law360 has named O’Melveny partner Mark W. Robertson a 2021 Transportation MVP. The publication spotlighted a Second Circuit win Mark secured for American Airlines, “shutting down a proposed class action over pilot seniority list benefits, [and] nearly ending a two-decade-long dispute.” Robertson told Law360 that, “if the plaintiffs had been successful, it would have disrupted the airline and the pilots’ lives to a significant degree.” He also shared the advice he would give to junior attorneys saying that, “I've been doing this for 20-something years now, but I recognize that [junior lawyers] might have the greatest ideas, so it’s good for them to push back and create a dialogue. Working through and hashing stuff out, that’s how we end up at a better place.”

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