Daily Journal: O’Melveny Adds Prominent Entertainment Dealmaker in Century City

October 19, 2021

Entertainment lawyer Lindsay Conner has joined O’Melveny’s entertainment, sports, and media group. The veteran dealmaker has brokered some of the largest deals in Hollywood, having represented China's largest private film company in a US$500 million agreement as well as Sony in a US$200 million agreement with LSC Film Corp. “What O’Melveny offers that was especially attractive to me is a reputation second to none in the entertainment legal industry,” Conner noted. “The world has grown increasingly complex, as have the deals we do. It’s very rare that a deal falls neatly into one traditional discipline … and it’s great to have O’Melveny’s teams behind me and working with me on those issues as I try to get deals done for clients.” Amy Siegel, co-head of O’Melveny entertainment, sports, and media practice, called Conner “a proven advisor, a very respected figure in our industry that we’ve respected for quite some time.” Conner hopes to use his experience and insight to help his clients close deals and create win-win scenarios, saying, “I try to be a problem solver who enables clients to make deals and to get them done in a way that is both efficient and effective in achieving their business goals.” 

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