O’Melveny’s clients shape markets, set precedents, and break boundaries. They are stalwarts and innovators, the names you trust and the next big thing. And for more than a century, O’Melveny has been right beside them, kicking down walls and putting up defenses to help our clients achieve their most important goals.

Whether we’re connecting clients to new business opportunities, collaborating on strategies to push through their obstacles, or trading ideas for maximizing value, our clients’ business objectives are what set our agenda.

Our commitment starts with great legal results, but doesn’t end there. It also means:

    • Getting to know our clients’ goals, businesses, and cultures as well as any member of their own team;
    • Stepping back and taking a global view of what makes for a successful outcome;
    • Being where our clients need us, when they need us;
    • Consistently delivering excellent results using the most efficient means possible;
    • Mobilizing strong, diverse teams that come up with creative ways to solve problems; and
    • Becoming our clients’ biggest supporter and greatest ally in everything they do.

It’s an approach that comes naturally to us, and always has. At our core, you’ll find a dedication to excellence, a drive to lead and innovate, and a deep sense of civic responsibility. These characteristics—established by our founders—have anchored us for more than 130 years, and remain every bit as important to who we are today.

  • Excellence + Innovation

    • At O’Melveny, we’re proud of our staying power, but we haven’t endured by standing pat. We thrive on finding new ways to help our clients solve problems and reach objectives, whether we are counseling companies at the leading edge of the clean energy or life sciences industries, helping investors access capital in tight credit markets, advising financial institutions on strategies for adapting to changing Wall Street regulations, or defending Fortune 500 firms against novel theories of liability.

    • Whatever your needs, we have the resources to see you through. Our award-winning litigation team is renowned for reducing clients’ exposure and risk, disposing of cases early, and developing inventive strategies that lead to groundbreaking results. Our premier transactions team, regularly among the most active firms on annual league table rankings, has an established record of completing landmark deals—from record-setting acquisitions and offerings to high-profile chapter 11 proceedings. With our tradition of public service, we have former White House officials and Department of Justice prosecutors ready to offer invaluable insights into political agendas, policymaking decisions, and regulatory trends. And our more than a dozen industry teams fuse all these exceptional abilities with a deep understanding of the intricacies of how, where, and why our clients do business.

    • We appreciate the recognition our work earns us, even more so when it reflects our commitment to our clients. For four straight years now, we have ranked among the top 10 on The American Lawyer’s prestigious “A-List,” which measures “the best of the well-rounded best,” as the magazine puts it. We also have been named one of the “Most Innovative Law Firms” by Financial Times.

    • That same drive to innovate can be seen in our investments—in our technology, in our operations, and in our people—all designed to deliver what our clients need not only today, but also well into the future. We’ve implemented a thoughtful mix of emerging technologies that expand the efficiency of our information retrieval and review capabilities. We’ve brought a Pulitzer Prize–winning brief editor onboard to frame and sharpen our clients’ arguments. And we’ve built one of the industry’s most comprehensive programs for training and developing our lawyers and professional staff.

    • We also understand that to realize our fullest potential—and to achieve the best results for our clients—we must connect all our people to a common purpose in an environment where everyone can succeed. As a firm we are committed to increasing the number of diverse attorneys at the partnership level and in leadership roles, providing clients with a wider range of perspectives and greater innovation.

  • A Seamless Global Team

    • With approximately 700 lawyers on three continents, and strong cultural ties to all our locations, O’Melveny is both local and global—an international law firm experienced in everything from the fine print of a municipal zoning law to the intricacies of an international infrastructure deal. Collaboration thrives among our 15 offices. Whether a cross-border merger requires US, UK, and Chinese tax advice, or a multijurisdictional dispute involves tracking down witnesses and documents in different countries and languages, O’Melveny’s worldwide reach ensures that nothing gets lost in translation.
  • Social Responsibility

    • Connecting with our communities to serve our most vulnerable neighbors has been part of our DNA since O’Melveny’s earliest days. Citizenship, along with excellence and leadership, is one of the core values articulated by our late Chairman, former US Secretary of State Warren Christopher, whose legacy is the standard by which we continue to measure our performance.

    • Answering this calling is a duty we feel privileged to fulfill. Through our acclaimed pro bono program, longstanding scholarship and mentoring programs, community involvement, sustainability efforts, and individual service, we grow as lawyers and leaders and strengthen the communities where our clients and colleagues work and live.