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Farms.com: US Chicken Price-Fixing—Not Guilty

July 11, 2022


Former Pilgrim’s Pride CEO Jayson Penn and other poultry executives were found not guilty of price fixing charges in the chicken industry. “The DOJ never should have brought these charges. We are proud to have zealously defended Jayson Penn. And while this result is a long time coming, we are thrilled with the outcome of this unprecedented and unnecessary third trial,” said Michael Tubach, counsel to Penn. Anna Pletcher, who also represented Penn, said that, “Notwithstanding the high burden of proof, the DOJ typically comes to federal court with the cards stacked in its favor. And the challenge is even greater with retrials, which notoriously favor the government. This group of defense attorneys fought the odds—three times—and won.” Penn was presented by Tubach, Pletcher, Brian Quinn, Scott Schaeffer, Kelse Moen, Meg Tomlinson, Enoch Ajayi, John Gonzalez, Alex Trabolsi, Melissa Cassel, Chris Phillips, and Khadija Syed of O’Melveny & Myers LLP.

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